Yin and what to do with it

film by Myroslava Khoroshun

Husband of a strict self-made girl falls ill with a strange disease. Looks like coma, but he constantly and miserably cries.
The doctor gives a recipe, which looks absurd first: to save her husband, she has to “become a woman”. This coming back to femininity turns out to be the hardest nut to crack for the modern emancipated woman…

Film information

Genre:                          Farce Melodrama

Runtime:                       29 min

Original Language:       Ukrainian, Russian

Country of Production:   Ukraine

Year:                            2013

Crew & Cast

Written by: Ganna Kostylova

Directed by: Myroslava Khoroshun

Production Designer: Mariia Shub

DoP: Sergii Krutko, Mykola Groznyi

Music: Mykyta Moiseiev

Produced by: Max Serdiuk

Cast: Natalia Lukeicheva, Andrii Mostrenko, Alisa Gurieva, Oleksii Trytenko, Andrii Sereda

Funding: Ukrainian State Film Agency

Festivals & Awards

Official selections

  • Sehsüchte International Student Film Festival, 2014
  • “Golden Eye” International Film and Television Festival, 2014
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